jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

How to clean and fix your TOMS shoes

Black toms shoes

You're proud of your old and faithful TOMS. Not only bought a pair of shoes very comfortable, if not you have given a child the opportunity to have a couple. The problem is that you love your TOMS both that they are dirty, stinking and need to fix them. Continue reading to learn how to clean them, fix them and reinforce your favorite pair of shoes.

1) Get rid of all the mud and dirt.
Remove most dirt you will make much easier the rest of the cleaning process.
When you have still made shoes, hit gently the sole against the soil to remove any excess dirt.
After having them removed, hit the soles of shoes, the one with the other, to get rid of more land.
Use a small bristle brush to clean the soil particles which have not yet fallen.

2) Remove the laces.
Throwing them in a container with detergent and water to allow them to get wet. A couple of clean shoelaces can do a lot to make your pair of old shoes look clean.
Once they are soaked for several hours, remove and strain so they dry out.
If your shoe laces are reluctant to be cleaned, it may be time that you buy new ones can find a use for your stiffness of old, as a bracelet or a toy for cats.

3) Prepare a cleaning solution.
Filled a bucket with cold water and a few drops of detergent, stir until you have a soapy mixture.
Make sure that your bowl or bucket is used only for cleaning dirt or sludge. Do not use bowls that you usually use to cook or store food.

4) Dip your toothbrush into the mixture and rub it with your shoes.
Use an old or even one electric toothbrush to remove stains.
It works with circular movements for greater efficiency.
Concentrate on the outside of the shoe and prevents the water from it.

5) Repeat the process. 
It continues brushing your shoes with more of the mixture until you have removed all land and SOAP residue.

6) Leave your shoes to dry. 
Once you have finished to clean them, it is important that seques your shoes immediately so that they keep their shape and quality.
Crumple a piece of old newspaper or paper towels and put it inside your shoes to help keep their shape.
Put to dry shoes under the Sun. This will not only cause them to dry quickly, but that they will also kill the bacteria.
If you are afraid of the sun damage to the color of your shoes or do not have the necessary patience to wait for it to dry, you can dry the dryer. But remember that you must dry them with cold air to prevent damage.
Place a sheet of dry within each of your shoes will improve your smell.